Best Peels for the Fall and Winter

Autumn and winter are the best time for chemical peels. While, they can be performed anytime, it’s a lot easier to do it when there is less sun. So, if you are in a mood for a nice medium depth peel, the time to do it is now!!! Your skin would renewed and ready for the holidays.


 Best Chemical Peels for Your Face





The most commonly used medium depth chemical peels are TCA Peel and Jessner’s Peel. TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid. While, Jessner’s Peel is a combination solution that contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol. TCA peels are usually used in 15%-30% concentration. Anything above that, produces deep peel effect by removing a lot of skin. While it is very effective, it is a more serious procedure with a lot of down time. It’s best used in severe acne scaring and aggressive rejuvenation under physician’s supervision. Jessner’s Peel comes in 14% concentration. However, there is also so-called “modified Jessner’s Peel”. In addition to salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resocinol, it also contains some trichloroacetic acid.



During the TCA peel procedure, only one layer of the chemical peel solution is applied. This results in “frosting”, whitening of the skin. This effect is caused by skin proteins reacting with trichloroacetic acid. It’s a sign of effectiveness. With Jessner’s Peel, multiple layers are applied. The first 1-3 layers produce a light peel. In order to achieve a more effective medium peel, 4-6 layers are needed. The layers are applied in 5 minute increments, until frosting appears.





 TCA Peels at Home





Once the procedure is done, it usually takes about 7-10 days for skin to shed and renew itself. For the first 3 days, skin feels very tight. During this time, it is best to moisturize it as much as possible. After that, old skin rips and starts shedding. At this point, it’s very important not to pull the old skin off. If it hangs, you can trim it with scissors. Yes, it hangs from your face, kind of like a really bad sunburn. Once, the old skin sheds, you will be left with a brand new skin. It will appear pink at first. It needs to be protected from the sun exposure with sun screen (spf 30 and up). Both, TCA Peel and Jessner’s Peel, heal exactly the same. The aftercare for both of them is also identical.




 Jessner Peel Before and After





So, which chemical peel is more effective or safer? Both TCA and Jessner’s are pretty much the same. Some people prefer one over the other, but it is more of personal experience thing. You can try both and see which one you would like more. Personally, I like TCA a lot more. It’s cheaper and you don’t have to apply numerous layers of the solution in order to achieve the desired effect.











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